There Are Two Kinds of Moms in the World: 
The Kind That Make Organic Baby Food From Angel Tears... 
And Then There's The Rest Of Us. 
Wendy's Album "She's Not From Around Here" that debuted at #1 Is AVAILABLE NOW! 
The following people may be
 OFFENDED by this Comedy Album: 
  • Turbo Baptists
  • Nazi Grandmas
  • Alpha Moms
  • Kindergarten Pets
  • Penis Mullets
  • and  MORE!
"Delightful!  One of my favorites!" 
Louie Anderson, "Baskets" & general comedy legend.
man that girl can talk.
Wendy Maybury grew up all over the US as a military brat which means- she learned to make friends fast because in two weeks, she was probably moving.

This helped her develop her warm friendly style she uses to entertain audiences all over the country for the last seven years as a comedian.

She signed with Stand Up Records and her first album 
"She's Not from Around Here" is available NOW. 

Wendy is also the producer of "Day Drinking with Mom" a show that offers comedy, sympathy and some drinks to help Moms relax and enjoy the roller coaster of parenting

Wendy has performed in clubs, casinos, corporate events, 
church basements and she even got hired to crash a wedding
Co-producer of day drinking with mom.
Day Drinking with Mom is a monthly showcase at Rick Bronson's House of Comedy at Mall of America in Minneapolis, with Co-Producer, Karen Pickering.
It's all comedy about being a parent or what it's like to have one. 

They  always give a token male comic a try- because men can be funny too. 
she's on the best label in the business
Now boasting over 200 releases, Stand Up! Records is America’s top independent comedy label. Taking cues from the golden age of comedy records and the broadcloth of American humor represented by labels like Verve and Buddha, Dan Schlissel blends them with the modern vanguard of rock labels like Sub Pop, Amphetamine Reptile, and Touch and Go. 

Armed with an iconic logo by no less a luminary than Shepard Fairey, a stable of artists from Maria Bamford to Patton Oswalt and Greg Proops, and an award-winning producer with an award-winning beard, Stand Up!’s an unstoppable force in comedy.
she performs everywhere.
Wendy is an audience favorite and often gets asked back by organizations and clubs year after year because she's exceptional at keeping the audience engaged and the material fresh. 

She genuinely wants everyone to leave wanting more. 
What can we say? 
Southern girls like to make people happy. 
(Wendy's Mama is from Alabama ROLL TIDE 
everybody knows... where your Mama's from determines the house rules when you grow up.)
This album is the perfect Mother's Day gift! 
(That will just be a little late) 
But isn't your Mom used to disappointment by now?
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Bless Your Heart!  
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she'll invite you to an exclusive virtual comedy show!

 I've Bowled a Strike While Breastfeeding... I've got this! 
Okay enough with the third person. It's really me: I'm just a mom wrangling a toddler and a needy cat. 

This is a picture of me and my little ginger. 

I think he's extremely adorable but I cropped this so people don't get all riled up and upset at me. #nakedbaby
album notes: 
the first one...
In this track I say hello,
Then tell you about how I lost 160 pounds and had a skinny girl rumspringa

turbo baptist...
My family is Baptist. 
And that's my fault. 

I went on a search for religion at age 8. 

Hampton Baptist Church had the best Wednesday night suppers. 

Because that's how you pick a religion when you are 8.
portrait studio...
For about ten years I worked in a retail portrait studio. 

It was Heaven and Hell. 

I saw a Mom feed a baby icing straight out of a piping bag.

I've seen two year olds kick newborns and even photographed a chipmunk... in a mall.
mom pressure...
I think I have images of every rash my kid has ever had on my phone.
In Mom's groups, instead of calling an actual educated nurse line, you check in with your "mom posse" and see which essential oils you should be diffusing. 

I said it. I'm not askeered.
the bat story...
This is a joke. 

About a single Mom. 
Trapped in a tough neighborhood,
with ginormous aggressive bats. 

And the first responders who refused to help them.
I used to have underwear with "Juicy" on the butt. 
Is this an advertisement? Is that what men want? 

Because I had a guy on a date tell me once that disease is carried in the moisture of females. 

But that's a joke for the next album.
it will make you laugh out loud. 
About the potty mouth.
My Mom is very sad that her daughter still uses bad words after earning Bachelor's degree in English from James Madison University. She would also like you to know she didn't raise me to be like this.

Rest assured.  I'm capable of doing a whole hour of clean material that my childhood pastor enjoys. (He was always cool like that.)

I am, in fact, safe for children.
let's talk about a guArantee,
if you are not 100% satisfied:
There isn't one. This is Art. 

Maybe you're like the Mom of the 10 day-old baby I photographed, that thought it was a "Fake Smile." 

Maybe nothing will make you happy. 
And that's on you. 

I suggest you get yourself some Byron Katie and rethink your life. 

BTW am I the only one who misses Oprah? 

And I'll never be on the Oprah show because I missed that whole thing. 
Talk about regrets. 
Anyway you won't regret buying this. 
So just get on it already. 
make my mom proud:
buy now! 
Billed annually, no set up fee.
Included in the package
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Billed annually, no set up fee.
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Billed annually, no set up fee.
Included in the package
Included in the package
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Included in the package
Hey Wendy, We just saw your show and you were hilarious!!! We’d love to take you out for a drink and I promise we’re not creepy. Let me know if you’re going out for drinks after the show. We think your hilarious (and beautiful)!! Thanks for the laughs!! 😅We thought you were super funny!!! Next time, drinks are on us. Keep the faith. There’s still good men out there. I think I might be tipsy. Do you need a sister? 

P. S. Half my family’s from Texas so I totally get the religious Southern family stuff. ☺️
- Jennifer s, minnesota.
I fell in love with Wendy's stand up when it was all about being a huge single Southern chick living in the North. Now she lost weight, made a baby and has some scary Tinder stories. There's always something new with her. If you haven't heard her standup- check it out! She still gives hugs after the show. Which is a big selling point.. Well, it used to be... She's so good even my husband will listen to her-- and he tries not to listen to women- ever. 
- lyndsy M, texas.
I used to work with Wendy and man can she make a meeting awkward. 
But it works really well on stage. 
- grant anderson, Atlanta, ga.
Did you know that stand up comedians 
are local small businesses? 
We Totally Are. 
You Can Feel Great About Buying This Album. 
Try It. 
It Feels So Good. 
WHAT the press SAYs:
 "Most of the jokes from Saturday's show are unprintable here. But the opener and host, Wendy Maybury, had a little gem about her last boyfriend, who would e-mail her photos of his penis. To which she said: "Girls don't like junk mail."

"A Ghost Town No Longer" 
- @Tomhorgan, star tribune
"Wendy Maybury, who will play the Royal Comedy Theatre in mid-August, said she panicked that her career would come to a halt after she got pregnant.

“Louie Anderson told me: ‘Don’t worry about it. You’ll get 10 more minutes of material out of it,’ ” the Minneapolis-based comic said. “He was right. It made my comedy better.”

Last summer, Maybury started “Day Drinking With Mom,” a monthly get-together at Sisyphus Brewing featuring some of the Twin Cities’ most hilarious parents.

“Laughing is scientifically fantastic for your body and it makes you feel less alone,” said Maybury,  “For the last couple shows, we invited audience members to share their own mom stories. You kind of unite, like: ‘We’re all in this together.’ Motherhood is feeling isolated, not sleeping, puke everywhere. That’s not a Mother’s Day card. That’s real life and it’s messy. When you call it for what it is, that’s refreshing.”

-@nealjustin, star tribune 
"That’s not to say Day Drinking With Mom falls into the “clean comedy” genre. Graphic sex, pre-baby hedonism and other adult themes show up regularly, usually with at least some relation to parenthood. “I don’t want it to be vanilla in any way,” Maybury said. “All I care is that you leave feeling good. I want you to leave going, ‘I should go to comedy more!’ ”

As valuable an outlet as it is for the performers, the hosts agree that Day Drinking With Mom is ultimately about serving an audience that may not get a chance to see much live comedy. “You’re fighting this weird mom thing, this martyrdom,” Maybury said. “ ‘Oh, I can’t leave my kids to go have fun!’ It’s really isolating when you have a baby. You’re attached to your kid 24/7. You kind of lose your friends, or your friends change. We’re hoping to build an audience and a camaraderie together.”
-@irabooker, star tribune
Did you know that stand up comedians 
are local small businesses? 
We Totally Are. 
You Can Feel Great About Buying This Album. 
Try It. 
It Feels So Good. 
are you still not sure if you like laughter?
Here's some frequently asked questions:
Is the album recorded in a studio? Or Live? 
The album was recorded in front of a really nice audience at the Joke Joint in Lilydale, Minnesota. The Joke Joint was an amazing club and I miss it! 

We recorded four shows-- the album came from two- because we had a few mishaps-- like someone knocking over a bunch of glasses in a punchline etc.
Most of the album came from the last recording- Saturday night late show. I have always been a fan of the last minute!

Comedy clubs like all entertainment venues are facing uncertain times. Thanks for supporting comedy by buying the album!
What is a comedy album?
"She's Not From Around Here" is a recording of a standup show with an audience- so you can hear laughs and reacts- For comics, it's a way to "Put material to bed" and work on new stuff.

It helps people who don't live near you get to experience a comedy show and it's a great promotional tool- you can sell it at shows and people can give it a listen and decide if they want to hire you! 

Plus, for me it's a way for my kiddo to tell his grandkids someday-- your great grandma was a real crazy lady... listen to this!
What is your origin story. How did you start comedy and why?
I used to live in Los Angeles where I used to hear all the time, "You should do stand up comedy!"  I was like "I'll pass..." 

I didn't even know you could watch amazing comedians  for free in LA all the time until right before I moved.

I landed in Minnesota and had a hard time making friends and needed a winter hobby-- so I thought I would try it out. 

After my first time onstage at Acme, a woman offered me $250 to do a house party that weekend as a comic... and the rest is history.
Who drew your cover art? 
Two friends! Kryss Maddock who is a talented artist who works at The Ink Lab in Minneapolis and Adam Sward who is also a tattoo artist/cartoonist.

I was inspired by marathoning Ink Master while breastfeeding my son

It's inspired by American Traditional tattoos, the kind sailors would get and it's a nod to my favorite Grandpa who was in the Navy. 

So thanks, Dave Navarro! 
Do you try to find a way to make visual gags work on an album?
I actually tried to make sure I used inflections and voices. 

I knew the listener wouldn't be able to see my goofy faces or my wild hands waving around. 

Maybe one day if I keep drinking milk I'll get a special! 
Does it suck or not?
It SUPER doesn’t suck. 

My mom laughed out loud, and she doesn't approve of anything I do. 

Except she likes the baby I made. 
Look. It's a great album. I'm pretty proud of it and I would love  to hear what you think!
please find me on social and let me know!

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